Jasmine, referring to the flower, is a great name for girl dogs who are shy or independent. Find out more about dogs named Jasmine.


Name: Jasmine

Meaning: Jasmine is originally a Persian name that refers to the jasmine flower. It has become popular as a name in America as well, particularly after the release of Disney’s Aladdin.

Personality: Independent

About This Name: Popular people with this name include Jasmine Armfield (actress), Jasmine You (singer) and Jasmine Twitty, who at 25 was the youngest person ever to be sworn in as a judge in the town of Easley, South Carolina. There is a record label called Jasmine Records and a Woody Allen film titled Blue Jasmine. A 2011 revolution in China is referred to as the “Jasmine Revolution.” In Disney’s Aladdin, Jasmine is the heroine and the princess of Agrabah, and in the movie Pretty Little Liars there is a police officer named Agent Jasmine Fuji.

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