Izzy, meaning “will laugh,” is a great name for girl dogs who are independent. Find out more about dogs named Izzy.


Name: Izzy

Meaning: Izzy is often used as a nickname for lot of other names: Israel, Elizabeth, Isaac, Isambard, Isadore, Isabel, Isabelle, Isabella, Isaiah, Izzet, Isarn, Ismail, Izebel, Izmara and Isam. Meanings for this name vary based on which name it is meant to represent, but some sources say that Izzy on its own means “will laugh.”

Personality: Independent

About This Name: Notable Izzys include athletes Israel “Izzy” Alcántara and Isidore “Izzy” Goldstein and Izzy Meikle-Small, an actress. An animated character named Izzy was the mascot of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Recognizable Izzys from the entertainment industry include Izzy Mandelbaum (Seinfeld), Izzie Stevens (Grey’s Anatomy) and Izzy Moreno (Miami Vice).

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