Harley is a great name for girl dogs who are independent and tough. (Remember Harley Quinn from the comic books?) Find out more about girl dogs named Harley.


Name: Harley

Meaning: Historically a boy’s name, Harley is gaining popularity as a female name as well. In Old English and in America the name means “hare wood/meadow.”

Personality: Independent, Tough

About This Name: There are several notable Harleys in cultural history, such as artist Harley Refsal, author Harley Jane Kozak and actor Harley Cross. In the movie Hotel for Dogs, a Beagle named Harley helps save the day. And we can’t forget the infamous fictional character Harley Quinn, the villainess and co-conspirator of the Joker in the Batman universe.

How Much We Love It:

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Is Your Dog Named Harley?

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