Gigi, meaning “earth worker,” is a great name for girl dogs who are independent. Find out more about dogs named Gigi.


Name: Gigi

Meaning: Gigi is most often used as a nickname for someone named Georgina, Virginia or Virginie. Some grandparents are called by the nickname Gigi as well. Gigi’s literal meaning is “earth worker” or “trustworthy person from the farm.”

Personality: Independent

About This Name: Famous Gigis include Australian actress Gigi Edgley, Swedish singer Gigi Hamilton and actresses Gigi Lai and Gigi Leung, both from Hong Kong. Ethiopian singer Ejigayehu Shibabaw uses Gigi as her stage name, and so does actress Ghislaine Elizabeth Marie Perreau-Saussine — better known as Gigi Perreau. French writer Colette wrote a 1944 novel titled Gigi. The soap opera One Life to Live has a character named Gigi Morasco. In Disney’s Lilo and Stitch: The Series, an illegal genetic experiment created a dog named Gigi, who was engineered to annoy people with her barking.

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