Ella, meaning “beautiful fairy,” is a great name for girl dogs who are outgoing or eager to please. Find out more about dogs named Ella.


Name: Ella

Meaning: In English the name Ella is a shortened form of Eleanor or Ellen and means “beautiful fairy.” In French and German it means “all.”

Personality: Eager to Please, Outgoing

About This Name: Queen of jazz Ella Fitzgerald is one of the most popular Ellas in cultural history. Other notable Ellas include Ella Baker (activist) and Ella Thomas (actress and producer). Ella has been a popular fictional name as well, with characters such as Ella Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars), Ella of Frell (Ella Enchanted) and Ella Brashear (Men of Honor). If your puppy is a “beautiful fairy,” then Ella would be the perfect name for her!

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