Cleo, meaning “pride” or “glory,” is a great name for girl dogs who are outgoing. Find out more about dogs named Cleo.


Name: Cleo

Meaning: Cleo can be short for Cleopatra or Cleophus, but is also used as a stand-alone name. Cleo means “pride,” “fame” or “glory.”

Personality: Outgoing

About This Name: Notable figures with the name Cleo are actress Cleo Moore, baseball player Cleo Smith, silent film actress Cleo Madison and musician Cleo Patra Brown. In the television show The People’s Choice there was a Basset Hound named Cleo, and in the children’s show Clifford the Big Red Dog, Clifford had a friend who was a purple poodle named Cleo. In Disney’s Pinocchio, Geppetto’s fish was named Cleo.

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