Annie, meaning “prayer” or “grace,” is a great name for girl dogs who are outgoing or eager to please. Find out more about dogs named Annie.


Name: Annie

Meaning: Annie can be a nickname for Ann, but it’s also a stand-alone name. In Hebrew and American English Annie means “prayer,” and in Russian it means “favor” or “grace.”

Personality: Eager to Please, Outgoing

About This Name: There are a wealth of famous Annies in cultural history: Annie Lennox (singer), Annie Oakley (pioneer) and Annie Jump Cannon (astronomer) are just a few. A canine rescued from the humane society just before being euthanized was named Sandy and played himself in the classic movie Annie. Famous fictional Annies include Annie James (The Parent Trap), Annie Hall (Annie Hall) and, of course, Annie Wilkes (Misery).

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