10 Mixed-Breeds We Should Have Seen at Westminster

Here are 10 “fancy” breeds (OK, mutts!) that we will never see competing at Westminster — but should. These mixed-breeds are awfully cute!

The American Kennel Club recently accepted six new breeds, which can now compete at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The new breeds are awfully cute — as are all the dogs on the AKC registered list of breeds — but here are a few very “fancy” mixes I hope the AKC soon recognizes.

Any one of these pups would be an outstanding competitor at the nation’s most prestigious dog show. Westminster will need to start a new group, though. Perhaps the Mutt Group?

1. Jug

This jug puppy has the devil in him

This comical mix of Jack Russell terrier and pug can have all the best attributes of both breeds: the playfulness and free spirit of a JRT and round belly, jiggly butt and general laziness of a pug.


But they can also have the worst: a pug’s odoriferous flatulence and snortiness and a JRT’s obnoxiousness and hyperactive insanity. Be especially careful with jug puppies! They can be evil little demons, albeit very cute ones.

Ferrier - JRT/Fox Terrier Mix
Ferriers are the new fox terriers

2. Ferrier

Noted for their patches, spots, long legs and oversized ears, ferriers like to jump around and cavort like puppies, even when they’re full grown. Ferriers come in medium, small and extra small.

Although a smooth fox terrier was in tight competition for 2011 Best in Show honors, we think a ferrier — a fox terrier/terrier mix — would be stiff competition for the  purebred fox terrier. There’s no reason to lose hope that the ferrier can’t someday win for sheer cuteness.

Pixie - Pit Bull/Dachshund Mix
Pixie = pit bull + Dachshund

3. Pixie

Pit bulls and Dachshunds are wonderful mixes! Low and long, pixies have big pittie heads and fabulous personalities; they are smart and extremely loyal. They’re goofy, wiggly and kissy like a pit bull and have the short, crooked legs and smaller bodies of a Dachshund.

Usually gregarious and great with kids, they can also be quite stuck-up, just like a Dachshund. The best way to manage a pixie is to throw his ball a lot and dress him in humiliating outfits.

Los Angeles Brown Dog
Hershey has the ideal conformation for his breed.

4. Los Angeles Brown Dog

Like the Oakland brown dog and the Texas catawumpus (see below), the L.A. brown dog has a little bit of everything in him: Labrador Retriever, shepherd, pit bull and/or chow chow; it’s almost impossible to pick out a dominant breed.

Characterized by his brown coat, medium size and silly personality, the L.A. Brown Dog, along with the L.A. yellow dog and L.A. black dog, is the most common dog in Los Angeles animal shelters. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, you might look for a brown dog mix native to your region.

Muttzu - Shih Tzu mix
A regal muttzu proud of his lineage

5. Muttzu

Another common shelter dog is the muttzu, a Shih Tzu mixed with Chihuahua, papillon, terrier or hairy little white dog. These teensy pups are are prone to prancy dancing, yappiness, high-maintenance longhair coats and smug sense of superiority; muttzus should also be forced to wear humiliating dog clothes whenever possible. Although muttzus can be barky and snarky, they’re also adorable, cuddly and just the right size to stick in your purse.

Popular with the ladies, the muttzu is an excellent choice for single guys looking for love. Leash up your muttzu and head to the park, and you’ll hear squeals from every woman you pass.

Pippet - Pit Bull/Whippet mix
Pippets come in every color

6. Pippit

Pippets, a mixture of pit bull and whippet, often bear a striking resemblance to L.A. brown dogs, except they have more color varieties: black, brown, yellow and brindle. Short-coated with long legs, pippets love to run fast, roll in the grass and slurp on their people. They are unashamed belly-rub beggers who often learn tricks quickly so they can earn more rubs (and treats).

Pippets are somewhat rare, but you can find them in shelters if you search a bit. Personally, I think there should be a pippet rescue. More people need to know about this amazing breed.

Hairy Little White Dog
Molly is a mix of Dachshund, poodle and miniature American Eskimo Dog

7. Hairy Little White Dog

Like the muttzu and Los Angeles brown dog, shelters nationwide are full to the brim with hairy little white dogs, which, as the name suggests, is a mix of anything small, hairy and white. Although hairy little white dogs can be mixes of  poodles, malteses, terriers, Pomeranians and a number of other qualified breeds, they can also have non-white DNA, such as Dachshund, yorkie or Chihuahua.

Given the wide range of hairy little mixes, their personalities can vary widely, from yappy, destructive, bitchy and self-entitled to friendly, sweet, affectionate and far too intelligent.

Sheagle - Beagle/GSD
Roxie was the best dog ever

8. Sheagle

My first dog was a sheagle, so I might be a little biased, but the Beagle/German Shepherd Dog mix — especially of the one-eyed variety — has got to be the best non-dachshund breed. They are usually light-colored with GSD markings and floppy ears.

Sweet-tempered, intelligent and extremely goofy-looking, sheagles have the best characteristics of both breeds. They seldom bay, and they aren’t aggressive to strangers. The only bad qualities they have is a tendency to herd you, which can be really irritating when you’re carrying an armful of laundry.

Greater Spotted Dog
Bella has excellent conformation for a greater spotted dog

9. Greater Spotted Dog

The greater spotted dog is a smooth-coated, spotted medium to large mix (smaller spotted dogs are known as miniature spotted dogs) of  several breeds: Labrador Retriever, pit bull, cattle dog, Dalmatian, Greyhound, German shorthaired pointer… Anything with spots can contribute to the distinctive color and patterning of this breed.

Active pets, the greater spotted dog loves outdoor sports like fetch, swimming, Frisbee and tree climbing. They run very fast and are often a little nuts, so if you adopt a greater spotted dog, make sure to teach him recall right away.

Catawumpus - catahoula mix
The catawumpus in his natural habitat

10. Catawumpus

Native to Texas, the catawumpus, a catahoula mix, can now be found all over the country. When selecting a catawumpus, look for shadowy spots, an outgoing personality and a dorky smile. Unfortunately, the catawumpus is known to bay during the full moon, but he can usually be silenced with a few sausages.

I know these fancy breeds are cute; please don’t breed them! If you’d like to adopt a pixie or another breed in this article, try Petful’s adoption center.


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