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Safety for indoor dogs (5 replies)

2 years ago
flynntr 2 years ago


      I don't know whether I can ask this question here. I have two pet dogs Jim and Jack. Jack is 2 year old and Jim is 1. Both of them are naughty and always use to jump through the windows and run to the street whenever the door is left open. I live in a two storied  building and the windows doesn't have any window stops. I'm afraid whether my pets will fall through the window and get injured. I'm thinking about replacing the windows in the first floor with fixed type ones. I've consulted online resources for getting the work done. Is there anyone who have experience with them? If yes, please share your experiences. Waiting to hear from you....


Melissa Smith
2 years ago
Melissa Smith 2 years ago

Hi Flynn! I don't have experience with windows per se, but your post is timely. I am pet sitting for a client who has child safety locks installed on his windows. They look relatively simple - stops that are screwed into the frame and can be pushed in if a person wants to raise the window all the way, and pulled out if a person wants to keep the window from opening more than a few inches. It might be a much cheaper option for you to think about something like that if it would be effective with your dogs!

2 years ago
perriejinnie 2 years ago

Hello Flynn, some dogs are very restless and they need attention. You cannot leave them alone in the house otherwise they can be very destructive. You should replace your window panel so that your dogs cannot jump out of it. Dogs' safety should be your prime concern.

Melissa Smith
2 years ago
Melissa Smith 2 years ago

I asked my client where he got the window locks and he said they came with the house so he wasn't sure. But I bet you could ask at a Home Depot or something - they must have all kinds of kits for window locks!

2 years ago
DianaP 2 years ago

Get window screens,this will prevent them from jumping out the windows and you can let in fresh air in the room as well without having to worry about your pets falling out.You could even get pet sensors in your home so that you can know that your pets remains safe even while you are away.

Chris Kelly
5 months ago
Chris Kelly 5 months ago

Window screens are very weak, so it might break easily if a dog jump through it full power! I'll recommend you to get window fence installed. Something solid and strong. It's always important to prevent before hand!

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