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Puppy throwing up white foam/regurgitating food (1 reply)

6 months ago
kevinOhYEAH 6 months ago

My 9-week old lab/boxer mix has been throwing up white foam.  He did it at least once overnight while I was sleeping and again this morning when I took him out.  He then regurgitated his breakfast immediately after finishing eating.  

I have done my research and know that it's most likely that he simply ate some grass/dirt/something he shouldn't have, and that he probably then just ate too much food, too fast, on an empty stomach, but I am a new dog-dad (aka freaking out over every tiny health issue), so I welcome any help/reassurance I can get.

At what point do you simply chalk it up to a puppy getting into something he shouldn't have and letting it run its course?  When do you decide it's something more serious than that and take him to the vet? 

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Melissa Smith
6 months ago
Melissa Smith 6 months ago

Hi Kevin! My dog used to do this a lot - but she had myasthenia gravis and megaesophagus. Usually the foam was mucus. But with a new puppy, he may have gotten into something he shouldn't have and I would definitely give the vet a jingle if he's still doing it. In the meantime, see if you can fast him to give his system a chance to settle.

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