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Problem with Lurcher Digestion? (2 replies)

7 months ago
LindaWilliams 7 months ago

We have two lurchers.  Dolly is our 4 year old rescue bitch.  For 10 months we have struggled with her pooping.  She barks every night to be let out.  We have tried changing her food from dry to wet, expensive, cheap, ordinary and sensitive, changing her feeding times, pre-emptively getting up in the night, but nothing has worked.  She poops half a dozen times a day.  She is now on one meal per day, at 8am, but she is still waking us as 4am, despite pooping many times during the day before. We have made all of these changes and stuck with them for around 4 weeks at a time, but nothing seems to work. She also barks at herself while pooping, which is making us very unpopular with the neighbours.  She was a rescue, and was very anxious when we first got her (we suspect abuse) but her confidence has grown massively, mainly down to our other lurcher, Reggie, a two year old male, who she adores.  She has had extensive tests and scans, but the vet cannot find anything wrong with her digestive system.  She is a bit leaky, which is treated with Propalyn and Incurin, and this has improved, but nothing we do seems to cure her pooping at night.  Anyone got any ideas please?

Melissa Smith
7 months ago
Melissa Smith 7 months ago

Wow what a tough situation - I haven't encountered this myself before. Have you thought possibly about a second vet's opinion, just for a comparison?

Karen Doll
7 months ago
Karen Doll 7 months ago

I've actually never heard of the Lurcher breed before today, but I'm curious to know what changes may have occurred in your household just prior to Dolly's 10 month pooping problem? I've read that even the slightest change can affect a dogs elimination schedule.

I've also read that the fillers in some dog foods can greatly affect a dogs digestion. I don't know what you've tried in regard to dog food brands, but maybe look for an all natural alternative.

I did a lot of research when our dog began developing crystals. He was put on a prescription dog food, but because it was expensive I looked for ways to make that food last longer and found a great list of people foods that we could incorporate into his diet. Perhaps a little research may help you find a food(s) to decrease the amount of times Dolly needs to poop.

Also, I have heard of dogs pooping a LOT. A second opinion couldn't hurt, but how does your vet explain the pooping struggle?

Please, keep us posted 🙂

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