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My dog seems to poop without her being really aware of it (2 replies)

6 months ago
azalees 6 months ago

This last year my approximately 8 yr old female Chi has started pooping in the house. She has access to the outside via her doggy door. She has had her anal glands done when the vet says she needs it. Sometimes it's after I've told her no. However, it really seems to be that she starts to go down the hall to use her door and it comes out. It appears to be totally normal in consistency. Once she starts she does look like she is going normally but is still walking along. Last night she pooped on her bed. It can happen when people come to the house and she is excited to see someone. Sometimes happens right after she went outside. This is not diarrhea. She pooped right next to my grandson the other day. RIGHT next to him on the couch with her door not even 6 feet away. The poop looks normal. She also looks at her butt alot. Help!! Its happening more and more.

6 months ago
GeriD 6 months ago


Chi apparently is having lack of bowel control for some reason. I recommend you call your vet, make an appointment and ask them if they want you to bring a stool sample. I would also make note of when this occurs -- walking, sleeping, when excited. This may be important information.

Gook luck!



Melissa Smith
6 months ago
Melissa Smith 6 months ago
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Hi azalees! I'm in agreement in Geri - the best place to go is the vet. I had a dog with this issue and it was due to a degeneration in her nerves. Like you said, she literally had no idea she was going. Please keep us posted!

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