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Leashes: The Great Debate (2 replies)

Melissa Smith
1 month ago
Melissa Smith 1 month ago

As a pet sitter and dog walker, I have the opportunity to use a lot of different types of leashes and encounter a lot of different walking styles. I get dogs who heel beautifully and make me feel as though I am sailing across the green at Westminster...then I have others that literally take ME for a walk. Or a drag.

SO dog parents, this pet sitter is curious: Do you have a favorite leash type or one that you hate; and how important do you think it is to train dogs to walk well on the leash?

Kristine Lacoste
4 weeks ago
Kristine Lacoste 4 weeks ago

Our dogs have a collar and standard leash, but they don't walk often. Being a giant breed, they sleep more than cats and usually get exercise from playing for around 30 minutes in the evening. They're also seniors, so they never pass up a nap!

Melissa Smith
4 weeks ago
Melissa Smith 4 weeks ago

I never pass up a nap either - when I manage to find time for one! 😀

Probably one of the worst is a little dachshund that I walk. They have a retractable leash and the thing is so strong that it pulls her in when it gets retracted. Not a good choice for a little doggie!

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