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Housebreaking puppy difficulties (4 replies)

2 weeks ago
MalaAska 2 weeks ago

Hello! I really need help and advice! I have 10-week-old miniature poodle puppy. We decided to keep her in one main room in house until she is housebroken. The problem I have is that when I see her starting to pee on the carpet or somewhere where she is not supposed to, I take her immediately to the right spot. But then she acts like she doesn't have to pee anymore. I know she does.

I keep her on a pee pad there, but she is able to hold it for 2 hours, yes 2 hours, until she falls asleep on a pee pad. But if I let her go around the house again, she will pee on the carpet or somewhere in a second. I will just blink, and it's done. She even does this in the morning. She sleeps through the night and wakes me up around 6-7 a.m. I take her to the spot, and NO. She doesn't want to do it there, and I don't have an hour or two every morning to stay in one spot and keep her on a pee pad.

There is nothing weird or uncomfortable for her there. She used to go there to poo until she discovered another corner of a room, on a laminate. I clean it off. (They say dogs hate the smell and taste of vinegar, so I cover that area up with it, but she was uncomfortable for a minute then back to old ways.) 

(Crate training won't work, because she doesn't want to toilet anywhere near her bed. We tried it.)

I have no problem with supervising her, training her, anything it takes, but this thing is driving me insane slowly. Can someone help me? I know it takes time, but this way we have NO progress.

2 weeks ago
DeanNing 2 weeks ago

First thing is your puppy is very small. It needs some time to know all things, till you can guide your puppy. Slowly they understand all thing and do all task properly. You will find some guidelines for how to train your puppy on the web and follow it. Sometimes this guideline is very beneficial for you. You will also find some tools to grooming your dog like shampoo for hair, nail grinder for cutting the nail.

Melissa Smith
2 weeks ago
Melissa Smith 2 weeks ago

Hi MalaAska! Boy that is frustrating...puppies can be truly stubborn sometimes! A couple of thoughts come to mind:

  1. Try to find some type of cleaner that will break down enzymes in remaining urine for the places she has already gone. Her sense of smell could be leading her back to the same place, even if you can't smell the pee.
  2. Put pee pads in more places and praise lavishly when she gets it right
  3. Try to keep her from areas you don't want her to pee in. This may mean you want to revisit crate training for when you can't supervise.

Anyone else have suggestions?

3 days ago
SkylarBryant 3 days ago

I also had the similar problem with my dog! I bought a pet block spray. Ones that are made with natural ingredients and the scent keep dogs away from any spritzed area. 

Melissa Smith
3 days ago
Melissa Smith 3 days ago

Hey Skylar! How did the spray end up working out?

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