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Fabric softener and dog toys (3 replies)

8 months ago
Samantha 8 months ago

I need some pretty quick advice on the use of fabric softener and dog toys.  I am a new dog owner, and I've had my adorable Buttercup for less than a week.  Today she peed all over her blanket, sleeping mat, and a combination of rope toys and squeaky toys also got dirty.  I was in a hurry so I followed the instructions on some website that said to wash everything normally.  And I used fabric softener.

Just to be sure, I continued to search for other solutions and discovered that fabric softener is toxic to animals... but the washing machine had already reached the rinse cycle by that time.

I am now running the washing machine again with only water and adding an extra rinse cycle.  Will this get rid of the fabric softener or should I not give any of these items back to Buttercup?  I feel horrible because a lot of the items were presents, but I don't want to risk her health and safety over them.  Can someone please tell me what I should do?

8 months ago
HeyCatie 8 months ago

Absolutely no Fabric Softener.  Remember that stuff stays in the fabrics and has strong scents that are much more intense to their extreme sense of smell.  They could be trying to cover it.  I have Ferrets also and the same goes for them.. ULTRA sensitive to smells.  I use Laundry Detergents that are Environment Friendly with NO scent... Or I will simply wash some of their toys in a mix of a little Dawn and White Vinegar in the sink.. and then just put them in the Wash with NO detergent.  I also use that mixture to clean their crates... wash out their bowls etc.  Easy to make 1 squirt of dawn.. about a cup of White Vinegar in a 32 oz Spray Bottle.   So I would soak them in that... Re-Wash in the Washer on HOT or Sanitize depending on your Washer... do the extra rinse... and throw in the Dryer.. Good Luck! Toys are expensive and this method keeps the slime and grime off them! 😀

Kristine Lacoste
7 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 7 months ago

Hi Samantha,

What did you end up doing about the softener?  Did you wash everything again without it, or did it work out for you?

Chaelin Kang
4 months ago
Chaelin Kang 4 months ago

I guess the scent will still remain even if you wash it again. Though, do wash it several times to eliminate fabric softener as much as possible!!

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