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Dogs and Cheese! (5 replies)

8 months ago
kpupper 8 months ago

So i was searching around and stumbled upon an article about dogs and cheese. I became interested mainly due to me being a huge cheese lover and eating it most of the night with some nice wine on the side. I was wonder what your thoughts are on when it comes to feeding your dogs cheese or if any of you do and have. What kind of effects has it had on them, and how much have/do you give them?

Kristine Lacoste
7 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 7 months ago

Hi kpupper,

Our Great Danes love parmesan cheese and sliced sharp cheddar, but it's not something we give them often. Also, be aware that some cheeses can have additives that might be harmful to your dog, so always read the labels.  

What's your dog's name? 

Karen Doll
7 months ago
Karen Doll 7 months ago

Our dog loved cheeses, but just like Kristine, we didn't offer it regularly because the lactose in cheese can be difficult to digest especially in adult and older dogs. So, as with any treats, I recommend moderation. And, watch out for high fat content, too.

Melissa Smith
7 months ago
Melissa Smith 7 months ago

My dog liked cheese, but like the other posters I gave it sparingly. As a pet sitter, I never give people food to other peoples' pets because I'm not sure how it will affect them. Even without medical conditions, dogs can be so different in what they can tolerate.

My sister and I both had German shepherds at the same time. My shepherd could eat anything and be fine - she had an iron stomach. Hers on the other hand...not so much. One trash foraging, or instance of people food for her dog meant that the next 48 hours were going to be very interesting for my sister! (And smelly...)

3 months ago
SkylarBryant 3 months ago

What I know is that cheese contains a lot of fat, so low-fat cheeses like mozzarella or cottage cheese are fine. And also just like some human who are intolerance to lactose, there could be some dogs that have negative reactions to cheese! So be aware!

Melissa Smith
3 months ago
Melissa Smith 3 months ago

Great answer, Skylar! Cheese can have a lot of fat in it...like everything else that tastes good, darn it! 😀

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