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Deer-Off (Liquid Fence) and Dog Poo (3 replies)

9 months ago
DerbytheLab 9 months ago

My 10 year-old yellow Lab, Derby, eats dog poo constantly.  I was spraying liquid fence on my tulips and thought it was a great idea to spray it on some of his poop in the yard.   But then I had a "Jack Handy Deep Thought" - If this does not stop him from eating it, because it dries odorless.... will it make him sick?  Can it be hazardous?    Bottle says:

  • Long lasting and rain resistant, environmentally safe, works year round, easy-to-use, dries odorless, bio-degradable, will not harm plants
  • This product is made in United States
  • Proven effective at repelling deer and rabbits
  • Can be use on edible crops
  • Long lasting and rain resistant
  • Dries odorless

I'll go scoop up the poop, but wondering if anyone has any info.  


Melissa Smith
9 months ago
Melissa Smith 9 months ago

It does say "can be used on edible crops" so that's a good thing, but I would definitely check with his vet - usually something like that can be a phone call question and answer kind of thing.

3 months ago
Awwey 3 months ago

I have a poodle, and he often eats his feces. I was very worried about it, and then I found an article that explained a lot. Coprophagy is normal.

Melissa Smith
3 months ago
Melissa Smith 3 months ago

But definitely gross LOL

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