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Cyst popped on dog (2 replies)

11 months ago
Ryleigh 11 months ago

Hi! So a cyst popped or was torn off or something on my dog's shoulder. It is pretty nasty looking and I was hoping people could tell me if this is what it normally looks like...I will attach the photo. Basically, I just want to be sure it wasnt something more than a cyst.


Melissa Smith
11 months ago
Melissa Smith 11 months ago

Hi Ryleigh!

I'm so sorry I did not see this before now! I actually just had this happen with a dog I was sitting for. His parent decided to leave his girlfriend's mixed breed dog with his two Shih-Tzus for the day - and nobody informed me that there was a food aggression issue. Thankfully, all that happened was a popped cyst and the pupper is fine. We threw a little neosporin on it per the vet and it doesn't even bother him.


I was really mad though. I told the parent that I need to know about all dogs I am sitting for and if there are issues!

11 months ago
DogLoverEra 11 months ago

Hi Ryleigh!

I think that is just a normal cyst like what my dogs had before. One of my dogs managed to pop it by herself by scratching endlessly.

It bled a little just like that in the picture, and I just disinfected the wound. Up to this time, she's doing fine and very healthy. 🙂

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