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Calming Aromatherapy for Dogs? (2 replies)

Karen Doll
11 months ago
Karen Doll 11 months ago

Hi all,ย 

Has anyone tried using an essential oil-based aromatherapy product on your dog to reduce stress/anxiety?

I just began using essential oils in our home for various purposes such as seasonal allergy relief and was wondering if anyone has heard of this for dogs, if you've actually used it, and what were the results of your experiences.ย 

Even though our dog died last year, I do know some dogs that might benefit if the products are safe and do as they say.

Melissa Smith
11 months ago
Melissa Smith 11 months ago

Hi Karen! What an interesting idea; I haven't used oils for pets myself, but I'd love to hear other people's experiences!

11 months ago
glf 11 months ago

I have used oil of oregano on my Yorkie to calm her itchy skin problem. Works great. Just remember to not apply it "straight," in other words, mix is with another base oil because if not, you just might wind up burning your dog's skin.

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