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Attacked by my akita twice (4 replies)

11 months ago
akitalover 11 months ago

i have 2 3 years old akitas male and female. lately i noticed the male akita being overly protective of the female and would even growl at us when approached. i  often see the male akita humping the female akita whenever he gets the chance. just recently my male akita attacked my mother. withmultiple bites on her arm, hand and shoulder. dont want to put him to sleep. is there any options

11 months ago
ToulousesMom 11 months ago

Are your dogs fixed? If not, getting them fixed will most likely solve the problem. Unaltered dogs are more likely to be possessive and aggressive. If they are fixed your best bet would be looking into a "boot camp" style dog training course. Theres dog training for cute tricks and stuff. And then there is heavy duty dog training for dogs who have a hard time behaving. Good luck! 

Melissa Smith
11 months ago
Melissa Smith 11 months ago

Hi akitalover! Just wondering how things are going on your end? I hope you've been able to sort things out!

11 months ago
DogLoverEra 11 months ago

Hi akitalover,

It's really something to be concerned of, especially if you have kids around the house. Maybe you can ask a trainer to sort out the behavior of your pet.

I know what you are going through, and patience is what we need in times like that. Just like humans, dogs also have their mood swings.

11 months ago
animalwarrior 11 months ago

I hope your Mom is just fine. It really is hard to predict the behaviors of our pets. I would agree with what the community has suggested, and that is to consult a trainer or a vet. How long have you had these akitas? And please make sure that you are always around to avoid unnecessary violence. Has the issue been resolved now? 

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