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An insightful and helpful article on the devastating effect of losing a dog (3 replies)

10 months ago
glf 10 months ago

Hi, everyone.

I recently found an article, the title of which I'm not crazy about, but the content of which is truly informative and helpful:

Why Losing A Dog Can Be Even More Painful Than The Death Of A Loved One

When my soulmate, Lady, and I lost our battle against her cancer, I was inconsolable, depressed as much as when I lost my father to cancer. I scoured the internet for help and found some but not enough. I nearly went crazy. Not even my husband truly grasped the depth of my despair, not to mention the fact that I couldn't talk about it to my friends because their reply was so short of the mark, if not shallow. And they were/are dog lovers, too. Maybe they had never had a relationship like I did; I don't know. She and I had a perfect love and we still do. It's been 6 years now & I'm crying as I write this, but I would really like to help others. 

Lea (glf)

10 months ago
perriejinnie 10 months ago

It brought tears in my eyes as I continued reading your post, Lea. Thanks for sharing. Most people go into depression after they lose their dogs. The bond between a human and an animal could be stronger than the bond between two humans.

Melissa Smith
10 months ago
Melissa Smith 10 months ago
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Don't feel bad at all. It took years after I lost my Gypsy before I could think about it without crying. Our dogs are very special and I genuinely believe that the bond that develops is unlike any other.

As a pet sitter now, I have bonded with many dogs. I've already lost one (old age) and it just about broke my heart. That's definitely the hardest part of my job!

Christopher Smith
9 months ago
Christopher Smith 9 months ago

really such a great article it was...thanks for sharing

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