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Adopted Shiz shu/Yorkie won't sleep (7 replies)

9 months ago
Fleur 9 months ago

I adopted a one year old, neutered male two days ago and since then the dog has been very active and has some behaviors that are concerning to me. He eats weeds and oak leaves. (which don't make him ill in any way) and despite eight hours of constant activity he refuses to settle. (We walked miles, played fetch and tug of war) He scratches me, lunges at my face, nips and is glued to me so much so that I have to bring him in the bathroom with me. He was awake at midnight and rises with the sun at about 4:30AM. He is tripping me in normal walking because he stops and starts directly in front of me, going down stairs if I'm not on his heels he will climb back up and get in my way. Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted!

Melissa Smith
9 months ago
Melissa Smith 9 months ago

Hi Fleur! Congrats on your new addition to the family!

In terms of his behavior: He is, despite being a year old, still a puppy. He is going to likely be high energy for awhile. Also, his breed does matter. If he is a naturally high-energy breed - Labs, Retrievers, Huskies, Shepherds, etc. - he is always going to need a lot of exercise to help alleviate boredom and burn off energy.

You have also just brought him into your household. There is going to be a period of adjustment for all of you, including him. He's very much in the exploration stage. (If you could read his mind you'd probably hear him say "OMG THIS IS SO COOL" about five hundred times a day.)

In terms of his lunging and nipping behaviors, the time to start working on those was yesterday. You will want to devote time to training every single day. He needs to know that A. You are in charge, not him, and B. What behaviors you expect from him. Training can't be put off and it has to be done consistently and constantly.

Good luck with your pup, and keep us posted!

9 months ago
Aboulibland 9 months ago

Congrats to you, he is probably verry happy, and he needs time get used with u and after that he will become more passive!

8 months ago
JenSTL 8 months ago

Here's another vote for starting training as soon as possible. Consistent, predictable routine and reinforcement are key at this age. He needs to learn where to sleep, where to eat, how to go for walks, based on your preferences - or else he's going to think he's Alpha Dog and try to do everything his way, and you'll be miserable.

Karen Doll
8 months ago
Karen Doll 8 months ago

I agree with those who have suggested training! It works. Dog trainers can show you how to teach your dog good manners, how to walk on a leash, and basic obedience commands. Training your dog helps teach your dog how to be a blessing and a beloved pet and not an annoying animal that shares your house. You will both benefit from a good, strong training program--one that will mold your dog into your best friend for many years to come. 


8 months ago
Irish101 8 months ago

Wow ! congratulation on your new puppy, he is very happy to her new environment. You will be started trained your dog  for a good manners.

8 months ago
HeyCatie 8 months ago

Aww.. What a sweet Combo Baby you have there! We have a Shih Tzu and I have had Yorkies years ago.  They become very VERY attached to their Human.. They need to be underfoot ALL the time.  My Pomeranian was exactly the same way.  I had to do the Pom Shuffle walking anywhere in my house because they are right by your side ALL the time.  Like the others have said.. This baby is still very much a Puppy... Crate Training and Quiet Time outs with their favorite toys worked for us..They need to understand their boundaries and do very well on a Routine... You might want to try a Thunder Shirt to try and calm them down.. Worked for my Sisters Yorkie..  They are little and can feel insecure being so small in their new surroundings.. We have a Crate with a cute over over it.. where it is like their little safe space.  Hope all works out!  Be patient.. Be consistent and Keep them to a Routine... Make sure they have quiet time with no stimulation...They may whine and cry at first but, they will grow to love the Calm and will feel much less stressed.  Good Luck!

8 months ago
HeyCatie 8 months ago

Oh! And the other thing... Dogs will eat weird things like dirt, rocks, leaves, grass when they are stressed OR they are not getting the proper nutrients in their diets. Check that you are giving them a quality dog food.. With little dogs it is better to feed them more frequently and in smaller amounts to keep their blood sugar levels more regulated.. 

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