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Started by Gillian 2 months ago
I'm sure this gets posted over and over again, but I think most people need confirmation that they're doing the right thing. So, here's my story. I have a 20 year old chihuahua named Emmie. Yes, she's really 20, so I've done something right along th...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 2 weeks ago
So sorry AL MO - you're right, no matter how much experience we may have, it's never, ever easy. 🙁
Started by StephC 2 months ago
Hi all. We have our wonderful French bulldog puppy, who is just over 9 weeks old. She has been with us a week and a half. We are crate training her, and she goes to bed at 10pm every night, no problems, and settles fine. She has, however, developed...
Last replied to by Pankaj Sharma 3 weeks ago
I think your puppy is feeling alone and may be afraid from darkness.
Started by Whatsername 3 months ago
My 16.5-year-old Norwegian elkhound mix, Eevon, has really bad arthritis but loves to sleep on the tile floor. She wakes up stiff and sore but will not sleep on the orthopedic bed I bought her. I put a sheet over the fuzzy top of the bed to hopefully...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 4 weeks ago
You are absolutely allowed to miss her. You are allowed to grieve, and cry, and wish she were still here. It's okay to k...
Started by Kelley 1 month ago
I just joined Petful and I'm sure this topic is common so please forgive me for starting a new thread.   I've been out of town for the past week and I noticed this morning that my 11 year old Chocolate Lab is constipated. I mixed some pumpkin with...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 1 month ago
No problem! Glad to hear that things are, err, moving a little more smoothly 😀 Keep us posted, and hopefully he's all b...
Started by Shellie 2 months ago
Hi and thanks for letting me join!  I have a 2 year old Coydog who we had microchipped when she was 6 months old. Recently we have noticed a lump where her microchip was injected. Has anyone else noticed the same in their dog?
Last replied to by Bob Simmons 1 month ago
Good Shellie! Such a relief! I am glad to hear back from you with a good news. Have a wonderful Christmas you too
Started by Coreylynn3 4 months ago
So I've been dating my partner for a while now and have grown very attached to his fur baby. He's a very important part of his life and our relationship. Hes asked a couple times if I would be his "mommy", but I wasn't ready to say yes at the time be...
Last replied to by Bob Simmons 2 months ago
This is such a sweet question! I think the matching dog tag idea is really cute too.
Started by MalaAska 3 months ago
Hello! I really need help and advice! I have 10-week-old miniature poodle puppy. We decided to keep her in one main room in house until she is housebroken. The problem I have is that when I see her starting to pee on the carpet or somewhere where she...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 2 months ago
WOOHOO that's awesome!!!
Started by Tiana Bowens 3 months ago
Hello, How are all you pet lovers? My name is Tiana Bowens & I am in the ib program and being in the ib program I have to do a personal project. For my personal project I will be demonstrating that no matter the age of the dog, their ability to learn...
Last replied to by Tiana Bowens 2 months ago
& Maggie reminds me of Babygirl (my dog I am training) a little bit because Babygirl is indeed stubborn. 
Started by azalees 3 months ago
This last year my approximately 8 yr old female Chi has started pooping in the house. She has access to the outside via her doggy door. She has had her anal glands done when the vet says she needs it. Sometimes it's after I've told her no. However, i...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 3 months ago
Hi azalees! I'm in agreement in Geri - the best place to go is the vet. I had a dog with this issue and it was due to a ...
Started by PrettyTonysHuman 3 months ago
My dog was neutered 5 days ago and he still won't walk. He scampers from place to place whining. On day two I took him back to the vet and they gave him a penicillin shot for a licking and three days painkillers. He has been wearing the Elizabeth col...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 3 months ago
Hi there! I haven't seen this behavior in any of my past dogs - but I admit it's been a long time. If you're concerned, ...

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