Sponsor Spotlight: Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance helped us make our Halloween contest bigger and better than ever. Now find out more about this company and its mission.

2012 Halloween pets costume contestThe Pets Adviser & Embrace Pet Insurance Halloween Photo Contest is well under way, and we’re so excited about our partner this year!

Embrace Pet Insurance has helped us make the contest bigger and better than ever, contributing $1,000 to the registered nonprofit animal shelter or rescue of the winner’s choice.

“When we were approached by Pets Adviser regarding sponsorship of their annual Halloween photo contest, it didn’t take long to find the similarities in our missions,” says Michael Masello, director of internet marketing for Embrace Pet Insurance. “We both cater to pet parents by arming them with knowledge and resources to give their pets the absolute best quality of life. We feel privileged to be in the position to help.”

How They Started

Embrace Pet Insurance began in 2003 as a partnership between Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik. Pet insurance companies were full of loopholes, gaps in coverage and insufficient customer service. They started the company with an eye toward changing the pet insurance industry, offering higher coverage, better customer service and transparent pricing.

Pet insurance can be quite confusing and overwhelming at times, so Embrace is constantly evolving and innovating to ensure that we’re offering the best possible policies to our pet parents,” Michael says. “We offer the best coverage with no loopholes and no gotchas.”

Embrace isn’t just about policies; the company is also involved in communities and the people that support them. Embrace donates $2 to a pets-related organization or charity for every policy it sells. Employees also regularly volunteer at local animal organizations. “We believe that doing good for the community speaks just as loud as spending marketing dollars in other places,” Michael says. “Everyone wins that way.”

How They Evolve

Embrace Pet InsuranceThere’s even more exciting things happening at Embrace. A new, first-in-the-industry program called the Healthy Pet Deductible™ reduces your pet’s annual deductible by $50 whenever a customer does not receive a claim reimbursement in a policy year. This program has been added to every policy; you don’t even have to ask or pay for it.

Working for Embrace seems to be exciting too. Employees say they enjoy working from home, going to the office in their slippers and bringing their pets to work. The atmosphere is fun and pet-friendly, and this shows through in their superior customer service.

Embrace is constantly looking for ways to innovate and evolve to provide the best experience possible. “Every decision and action made at Embrace is guided by our Core Values, a set of six principles that each Embracer helped to create and strives to uphold daily,” Michael says.

This is a small company doing big things, and we can’t wait to see what they’re up to next.

Embrace Pet Insurance is Pets Adviser’s preferred choice for pet insurance.

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