6 Last-Minute Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

There’s not much time left before Oct. 31, so I hope you find quick inspiration in these last-minute ideas for dog Halloween costumes.

Foil can be a quick and easy costume tool. By: istolethetv

Did you enter our Halloween photo contest? Do you already have a costume for your pet?

If not — don’t fret! When there’s not much time left before Halloween — and there’s not — you can’t exactly be too choosy looking for the most creative dog costumes.

When you’re in a real hurry, what you need are a few last-minute ideas for costumes you can make from materials lying around your house. I hope this list provides some quick inspiration.

Last-Minute Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Use one of your old white T-shirts and mark it up with slogans. Hot right now: election-related stuff, like “No More Government Shutdowns.” Here’s another one: “Open the parks; I have to pee!” or “Pups Against Furloughs!”
  2. Not into slogans? No problem. Take that old white T-shirt and draw a fake QR code on the back. Use this code as a guide. Your dog will look like a technological marvel.
  3. Affix some lightweight pompoms, or fake (or real) flowers to your dog’s collar for an extremely easy but  festive costume. Just make sure those flowers don’t bother your dog or get in the way.
  4. Easy octopus costume for a dog: You need 4 pairs of nylon pantyhose that’s the same color as your dog’s fur. Stuff the hose with newspapers, then fasten these 8 “legs” onto your pet’s harness with safety pins.
  5. One dog, over easy… If you have some white and yellow fabric, you can make a “2 eggs over easy” costume. Hot-glue 2 round pieces of yellow fabric for the yolks, using this photo as a guide.
  6. If all else fails, nothing beats tin foil in terms of last-minute versatility. Don’t pooh-pooh it! Think about it: You can twist tin foil and mold it, and it holds its shape pretty well, with absolutely no other materials required. A couple suggestions come to mind right away: Either make your pup a kooky tin foil hat, or fashion some shiny bunny ears out of the foil. It doesn’t get much more DIY than that.

Remember to supervise your dog regardless of the type of Halloween costume you’ve chosen. If your pet seems uncomfortable, ditch the costume and just have fun for cryin’ out loud.

Also, don’t miss our Halloween safety tips for pet parents.

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