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timid kitten (2 replies)

1 year ago
abbyroad 1 year ago

I have been fostering a litter of kittens and their mother since they were 6 hours old. They will be 9 weeks on Friday. The mother is very sweet and jumps on my lap and we have bonded. I have bonded with three of the kittens as well. They jump on my lap and always want to play. They follow me around and paw at me to pet them. However, there are two kittens who I have not bonded with. They are very timid. They play with the kittens and their mother, but want nothing to do with me. I plan on adopting all of them and their mother because I have grown so attached. Any suggestions on how I can bond with the two that I have not bonded with yet? Thanks in advance, I appreciate all advice!

1 year ago
raemei 1 year ago

I bet the two that are not so interested will warm up with time as they get older. Maybe try offering them special treats? Good luck!

Karen Doll
1 year ago
Karen Doll 1 year ago

I agree with raemei's advice. I've fostered many litters of kittens as well as pregnant mama cats and their subsequent litters. We've had kittens with all types of personalities and even the most fearful, hissy, feral-like kittens, gradually became more comfortable with us over time, LOTS of time and LOTS of patience. Food is a big motivator. Try some kitty friendly treats such as cheese and small pieces of cooked chicken. You'll be surprised just how quickly they zip over to you and linger nearby longer. Of course, some may just never come around. There's always one (maybe two??)in every litter. I wish you success in bonding with your new furry and frisky friends.

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