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Question on Siberan mix cat grooming care (1 reply)

6 months ago
GeriD 6 months ago

Hi! Need some advice/suggestions. I have 5 Siberian-Siamese mixed cats. Two long/medium haired. Three short-haired. Akin to 1 of her long-haired aunts one of the short-haired cats has the thick dense triple coat of her Siberian heritage. It is very difficult and painful (I'm concerned) for her to maintain. Any suggestions?

Her hair does not thin in the hot summer months, and frequent maintenance is a must. Left unattended even for only a couple days she quickly grows thick short tufts of hair, particularly along her back. It is also extremely oily. Attempting to brush is fruitless, combing works, but because her hair is so short and so thick, it literally grabs at the clumps, and I'm very concerned it hurts her. Thoughts?



Melissa Smith
6 months ago
Melissa Smith 6 months ago

Hi Geri!

This is tough for all of you to handle - I would see if there are any cat groomers in your area that would be willing to groom her maybe once a week, at least for the summer. I actually have to get my cat shaved down - he has so much hair that he can't even take care of it all AND he refuses to let me brush him. I literally spend an entire day sneaking up on him with the brush, getting like three strokes in and then he runs away LOL.

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