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Pregnant Cat? (4 replies)

6 months ago
KittyLovr16 6 months ago

So my husband and I picked up a cat at a campsite about 10 days ago. I started to get the feeling she might be pregnant.

She was skinny, but not overly skinny when we got her. Now her belly is firm a and pokes out on the sides just a bit, nipples are poking out and pink, she's on edge unless in our room because my other kitty and her can't seem to get along. Jinxy stalks and then tries punching at her in a nonplayful way (any tips for that would be appreciated).

Anyway, she has a large appetite, which we didn't think much of since she most likely wasn't getting enough food out there. She hasn't been nesting, but has bursts of affection, has a temper and growls, also doesn't do much but sleep, bathroom, and eat. We can't seem to find any toys we have that interest her.

She doesn't mind me lightly feeling her tummy or listening with stethoscope when she's relaxed.

Any signs you can truly tell? 

Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS
6 months ago

Hi Kitty Lover, 

(And you really are a kitty lover, adopting a stray cat 🙂 )

Ok, first to say I can only give a 'best guess' since the cat isn't in front of me to examine. However, it's interesting that you mention her nipples because 'pinking up' is one of the early signs of pregnancy. I remember it well from one of my own cat's - she'd had a contraceptive injection and yet fell pregnant....but's that's a story for a different day! 

Anyhow, back on topic. Also, you mention her being skinny, but from the picture she hasn't got a waistline. Feel for her ribs - if they are super easy to find and she feels bony over the hips, and yet she's lost her waistline then something doesn't match up. Uh-oh...could mean the pater of tiny paws. 

Only a 'best guess' but that's my two-penny worth! 

Best of luck, 

Dr Pippa

6 months ago
KittyLovr16 6 months ago

Thank you! Might be able to take her to the vet today! So we should find out soon. And we have found a toy she likes, a fake snake!!! 

Melissa Smith
6 months ago
Melissa Smith 6 months ago

I seriously want to go out and buy my cat a fake snake now to see how he reacts LOL.

I am dying to know if there are kittens on board, please do keep us updated!

Kristine Lacoste
6 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 6 months ago

Are there kittens? I want to know, too!

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