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Pregnant cat?! help (1 reply)

5 months ago
cayatelin 5 months ago

I'm aware that my cat is pregnant. Her nipples have been swollen and are a little pink and dark pink. She is an indoor cat but got out two times and didn't come home for a few days. We noticed that a week or two later her nipples were pink, and then we waited a little longer and noticed her belly is swollen.

She is in good hands, and we love her. We are getting an ultrasound to confirm, but it has been a month and a few days since she has got out.

She has seemed uncomfortable and lying her stomach ''hugging the ground.'' Why is she doing this? It only started today.

Does she look pregnant in the photo below?

Finally, when should she have kittens? (She escaped in the middle of September/beginning of October.)

Melissa Smith
5 months ago
Melissa Smith 5 months ago

Hi cayatelin! 

The best thing to do is confirm she’s pregnant with that ultrasound - that way you can rule in or out some medical issues. If you’re pretty certain that she is, I’d give the vet a quick call to ask about this behavior change. 

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