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Please, help me understand my new kitten's strange behavior! (3 replies)

7 months ago
clawdie 7 months ago

Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm glad I found this fantastic website because I really need some help right now. (I'm not english so any corrections are appreciated!)

I've always loved cats and I've had them my entire life. My cats have always been very sweet and cuddly, but playful, and I love them just like that.

Recently me and my parents decided to adopt a new kitten because we missed having a cute baby. We were really excited, I was so happy.

Poppy was WAY too young to be separated from her mother, she was around 6 weeks, but we were ''forced'' to take her home even though she was so young, because the lady who was giving her had too many kittens and she couldn't take care of them all.

The kitty was very angry at first, kept hissing at me and my mom, but we knew it was normal and she would eventually settle.

Thing is, 1st day we took her home, she started playing and seemed very content except she wouldn't let anyone near her. This was weird, if she was scared she wouldn't want to play, right? She didn't even try to run away or hide, she was just... mad at us.

Once again, we thought that this was normal, even though it never happened before with any of my cats.

2 weeks have passed since then, and Poppy is definitely the weirdest kitten I've ever had.


  • Rarely sleeps during the day.
  • Is always jumping or running unsettlingly fast.
  • Plays with EVERYTHING.
  • Bites my hands and feet.
  • Refuses to be pet or stroked and will get very angry if we put her in our lap/grab her.
  • Pees everywhere (but somehow poops in her litterbox).
  • Absolutely NEVER purrs or even looks at us with affection. But I know she trusts me, she isn't scared, just distant.
  • But (almost forgot) like 5-6 times a day, she will try to nurse on me, and I hate it.

Is this behavior normal? It's disturbing how she spends 15 hours a day running and jumping around without ever stopping, and lacks any affection.

Any answers will be much appreciated!!

Kristine Lacoste
7 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 7 months ago

Hi there, and congrats on your new kitten.  Since she came to you at such a young age, odd behavior isn't unexpected (but some of the examples you gave are not normal).

Has the kitten been to a veterinarian yet?  I would start there. She needs immunizations, a thorough examination, and you can also talk to the vet about socializing and training her so she's not biting and being evasive all the time.

Keep us updated on how it goes!

Melissa Smith
7 months ago
Melissa Smith 7 months ago

Hi clawdie! Like Kristine, I say her first stop should be to a vet - especially as she left her mum so young. Some of her behavior may just be personality too. My cat is standoffish himself - he does not like to be picked up or held at all, but he will lay near me.

Karen Doll
7 months ago
Karen Doll 7 months ago

Hi Clawdie,

I too agree with Kristine and Melissa...the vet will help you to understand which behaviors are normal and which are suspicious and need further investigation/examination. I've fostered many kittens over the years and saw a wide variety of behaviors--no two are alike. Some are just more distant as you describe, and may always be that way or maybe will grow to be more comfortable with touch and gradually become more cuddly. Just don't rush things--kittens need time to adust. Hopefully, a complete vet examination will help to uncover any potential physical or emotional issues. 

Wish you the best of luck with your little one 🙂 Keep us posted on how things are going. We LOVE kittens!!

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