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PLEASE HELP! (kitten tries to lick milk from babies mouth and steal his bottles) (1 reply)

Mrs. Marshall
1 year ago
Mrs. Marshall 1 year ago

My husband and I recently adored a new kitten about one month ago. She's almost 3 months old now. We were told she was 8 weeks when we got her. After we brought her home she adjusted rather quickly with the help of our older cat, who is also a female. We also have a 6mo son. Since we have had her she has chewed 8 nipples of his off and is constantly trying to lick milk from his mouth or steal his bottle while he's feeding. It's gotten so bad I have to make sure all the caps are on the bottles and that they are never left out. My husband is very concerned that the kitten might one day lay on his face and suffocate him, not on purpose but because she is so obsessed with his milk and bottles! We really really need help!!! I've never seen this behavior before. Is it something she will grow out of eventually? Or will I always have to watch and be extra careful with her? My husband is on the verge of taking her back to the shelter. Which I would really like to avoid at all cost if possible. 

1 year ago
A.D. 1 year ago

Hello Mrs. Marshall,

Not a cat person here, but your post peaked my curiosity and I did a little digging for some information.  It turns out, that this is not uncommon cat behavior.  Cat's are opportunistic hunters, and given the chance, will steal food from humans.  My friend says her cats love yogurt, milk, and ice cream.  Your kitten is still very young, so she's still learning.  Don't let her get away with this behavior, but don't punish her either.  The biggest issues that I've seen cats have is not having enough play time and exercise, which leaves them to their own devices - meaning, they get into trouble.  Others have recommended wearing cats out with play, especially a game or toy that pays homage to their natural predator instincts.  A tired kitty, is a happy kitty.  She's probably seeing the nipples as toys and taking the opportunity to destroy them because they're easily accessible to her.  Something that comes to mind is maybe getting a cat tree and a lot of toys for her and put them in a separate room for her to have her own space, separate from the baby and the baby's things.  Now regarding the cat possibly smothering a child, it is a concern simply because an infant is unable to move their neck, face, or body if the cat does obstruct their breathing - so totally understandable.  Cats do like to curl up for comfort and warmth, and smothering is a possibility.  However, I wouldn't panic.  Just make sure that the cats are not able to have access to the child while they're napping or laying down.  Once your baby gets a little older, it shouldn't really be a concern.  

I hope this information helped and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  I have a friend who has 15 cats - she's been there, done that with every cat question or concern that usually arises.  

-  A.D. 

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