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Need help with constantly meowing cat (2 replies)

6 months ago
Parham 6 months ago

Hello, this is Parham. I'm a student, and I have a 2.5-year-old female spayed domestic indoor cat. She was wonderful and very friendly and quiet until I had to move back to my parents' house, which is way bigger and 4 people living there.

She was here for 4 months now, but the problem is she has started to meow constantly the entire day from 2 months ago. If she is alone even for 10 minutes she will meow loudly and increase her volume if we ignore it. But the second you move in, she stops and sleeps on the floor and wants belly rubs and etc and then moves to other rooms and yells again no matter what we do. She is like this 3 weeks a month, and 1 week she is super quiet with no sound at all coming out her besides answering when we call her.

She does this the entire day and night. She barely sleeps (takes 3-4 one-hour naps). She does not eat very well and even lost her appetite for canned food that she loved before (she was like this from start, not showing that much appetite and interest for food from the day I got her).

During the night she wants to get in my room, and if I let her she comes in and the second I sleep she moves out and meows loudly and then comes back to the room and leaves like 1 minute after, and she continues this the entire night. If I don't let her come into the room, she starts meowing and won't let anyone sleep the entire night no matter what I do.

I tried ignoring her for a while (2-3 weeks), but it didn't work. She just got louder. I tried making her tired before bedtime and giving her a huge meal before, but that didn't work either. She sleeps for 1 hour and then wakes up. I tried not letting her sleep during the day, but that didn't work because she was up the entire night as well.

Punishing (I mean spray bottle or clapping hands to scare her) will make it okay for 1 hour, but she will continue after that.

I haven't slept in the last month properly. But the main problem is that I need to move back to a one-bedroom apartment next week and if she continues like this, neighbors will definitely get mad and might cause a problem for me.

I don't know what to do. I really love her and don't want to give her up. I'm not sure it's a medical problem, so I think the vet would not be of help because she does this for attention or boredom, and as I said I'm a student, so dollars count.

By the way, she has lots of toys and a tree, and many scratch posts.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kristine Lacoste
6 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 6 months ago

Hi Parham,

You must be really tired! My first recommendation would be the vet, especially considering the inconsistent eating habits. There could be something wrong affecting her behavior. I know that money is tight, so perhaps seek out a low-cost clinic in neighboring cities or closer to a big city. It's also possible she's not happy with the change in home life, but hopefully that will settle down when you move. 

This article might shed some light on your situation, too:


Good luck, and let us know what happens.

Melissa Smith
6 months ago
Melissa Smith 6 months ago

Excellent response by Kristine! Definitely start with some trained medical advice. It may be something that can be treated and your cat - and family - will be much happier.

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