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My Cat doesn't Purr Anymore (2 replies)

10 months ago
krzymaisy 10 months ago

I have a cat named Sherlock. He will be 1 year at the end of April, but I've had him since last June. When we got him, he purred ALL the time! Now, he doesn't purr very much anymore around me (my brother can get him purring pretty easily so I'm positive it's not a health issue). I pet him quite often, and I'm around him all day and night. When I leave to go somewhere and come back, he always runs to the door and lets me pick him up. I keep him in my room at night so he doesn't attack (playfully) my other cat, which tends to be noisy and could wake up the household. I am home schooled and work in my room, and every day he spends most of his time either looking out my window or napping on my bed, even though the door is wide open. Even if I take him out he comes back in. If cats can smile, Sherlock would seem very happy! He just doesn't purr anymore. What can I do to make him purr again?

Melissa Smith
10 months ago
Melissa Smith 10 months ago

Hi there! I'm not sure; that is a little weird! Maybe he is so used to having you around that he just functions in a constant state of happiness 🙂  Usually when I open a bag of cat treats, that does it for my cat LOL

10 months ago
marina 10 months ago

Why not try to buy some new toys for him?

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