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medication for cat depression (1 reply)

1 year ago
Vchuka 1 year ago

I found a cat in a very a bad health situation. For several months I took care of her after she went through a lot of tests. But it has a lot of signs of depression. She obsessively licking herself, she does feces everywhere outside the box with sand. She does not play and did not come out from hiding place. And many other signs. Is there a treatment or medication that can help her?

1 year ago
A.D. 1 year ago


I don't know much about animal mental health, but I did do a bit of research before commenting.  So, the answer is that yes, animals can get depressed.  It was researched and concluded in the 1990's that animals can suffer from depression.  However, there are certain things that can be done to help pull them out of their funk.  From what I've read, a lot of cat depression stems from sheer boredom.  To start, on a daily basis give your kitty attention.  Every day you should try to play with your cat (suggested time at least 30 minutes per day), even if they don't seem interested at first.  Find a game or toy that they like and play with them every day.  There is a misconception that cats are antisocial, when in fact, they need the same amount of attention and exercise as the average dog.  Another suggestion to go along with the first, find a toy your cat likes.  Cats are first and foremost predators.  Even though we have domesticated cats through out the years, they are still predators deep down.  A lot of cats enjoy games that mimic killing prey.  So toys like feathers on a string or laser mouse toys are a great option.  Next, keep your kitty active.  Buy a scratching post/cat tree or buy a cat-specific harness and leash and walk the cat on a regular basis outside in the yard or around the neighborhood.  Obsessive licking can be linked to boredom in cats.  They're bored, they groom themselves, and then they've licked themselves bald.  Once again, interact and be active with your cat.  Cats don't use the litter box for a lot of reasons.  It can be a medical reason or behavioral reason as to why they decide to go to the bathroom outside of their box.  If your vet has ruled out any medical reasons (IBS, UTI, bladder infection, crystals, or stones), my guess is the cat is probably upset and therefore not using the litter box.  I would start by working on the cat's mental health and seeing if that helps with the litter box issues.  If the cat is defecating in a particular area, move the litter box there and see if that changes anything.  But, like I said, I have a feeling the cat is defecating outside of the box due to her being unhappy - which is common result unfortunately.  If you have any other questions, let me know!

- A.D. 

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