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Kitten with weird patch on chest (1 reply)

8 months ago
Spinchette 8 months ago


We recently moved from Lebanon to Cebu in the Philippines. 3 weeks ago, a tiny kitten came to our door. She was frail and skinny and had a weird looking patch on her chest (see pic). I took her to the vet who dewormed and deflead her and said she was a 3 months old male and this was just a scab (she's female!). 

Last week, the kitten started walking on 3 paws. We thought it was a sprain. A few days later, she started getting better, until yesterday when she seemed completely recovered. 

Then this morning, she was raising her paw again and seemed to be in pain. I took her to the vet again and she said that it's a sprain. I showed her that the "scab" was getting bigger. She poked at it with tweezers and it came out in pieces like mushroom spores. She concluded that it must be fungus and told me to apply cream and gave her a painkiller shot.

I have a feeling this vet doesn't know what she's talking about. She couldn't even tell the cat's gender, and the problem is, she's the best vet in Cebu. I tried looking up cat fungus pictures online, and none looked like this.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Any idea what it might be and how to treat it? Also, we have 2 dogs, could they catch this ? Could we? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

8 months ago
Irish101 8 months ago

I would try another vet and feed your cat regularly.

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