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Is my cat having seizures or some other type of episode? (3 replies)

Ms. Monkey
10 months ago
Ms. Monkey 10 months ago


Can anyone tell me if they can either identify or recommend a treatment for this strange condition:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHgajeMrmDA  [please watch entire video]

She has episodes where she gets overstimulated and attacks the same part of her body, usually the hind left side.  This area of her body is also very sensitive to the touch, not just when she's having an episode.

She will almost always urinate when she's having an episode, usually after flopping onto her back.  Any help is much appreciated!  Thank you!

Melissa Smith
10 months ago
Melissa Smith 10 months ago

Hi Ms. Monkey!

My goodness, poor kitty 🙁 I am honestly not sure what is going on, but I definitely recommend a visit to the vet to talk about these symptoms. It could be so many things that it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's happening. I wish someone would hurry up and invent a device that would allow us to understand our animals' speech!

Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS
10 months ago

Hi Ms. Monkey, 

Oh, that's one agitated cat. Poor Kitty. 

In all honesty her behavior isn't typical of any particular condition. She may be 'hyerpasethetic' (ie over sensitive) on her flank. This occurs when the nerves are too sensitive and the slightest touch makes the skin super reactive. Some human sufferers report it give their skin a burning sensation. Another possibility is she has a 'focal seizure'. This is a seizure affecting one small part of the brain, which when triggered tells the body to repeat an action repetitively. 

Unfortunately this kind of problem is extremely tricky to get to the bottom of and can involve blood panels and an MRI scan, and even then you may not get a definitive answer. However, one suggestion - make sure to do everything you can to minimize any sources of irritation. So keep up to date with her parasite treats, such as flea control, since she will overreact to anything that makes her itchy. 

Melissa Smith
10 months ago
Melissa Smith 10 months ago

Thank you Pippa, as always, for your thoughts! <3

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