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Introduced a new kitten. They don't get along! Advice please 😕 (2 replies)

7 months ago
Slois 7 months ago

Hi. I have a 4 month old male kitten who we think has some Bengal in him. He is lovely but is a bit of a tiger. I just brought home a 5 month old female kitten. She is super lovely and just wants to snuggle. My male kitten won't leave her alone if I let them in the same room. He just wants to pounce on her, pin her down and bite her neck. She fights back a bit but then lies there meowing. Both have their ears pinned back. I separate them straight away. Any adivice? I've been told to let them sort out their differences but I'm concerned about him biting her neck and hurting her. When she's in a room by herself, she is playful and seems settled. My male kitten waits outside the door until he can come back in and attacks her straight away. The female kitten has also walked around the room meowing, like she searching for something. Is she trying to find him? 

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Melissa Smith
7 months ago
Melissa Smith 7 months ago

Hi Slois! Have you brought the kittens to the vet yet? Spaying/neutering can help tone down aggressiveness quite a bit. You will probably only want to let them be together supervised for now, just to be safe. Eventually they will probably get along, but there's always a little sibling rivalry when a new brother or sister comes along!

Kristine Lacoste
7 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 7 months ago

Welcome, Slois!

Melissa posted some great advice, and I agree about keeping them supervised until you can work out a way for them to get along.  It could be just kitten play, but it's smart on your part to keep an eye on them and be protective of your more submissive kitten.

Here is an article that might be of help to you: https://www.petful.com/behaviors/cats-jealous-of-each-other/.

Good luck, and keep us updated.


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