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Cat is losing fur on legs in random patches (3 replies)

2 weeks ago


Our cat has been developing some thinking of hair/hair loss on her legs. She's only 4 and is otherwise healthy and happy and not in any pain. She doesn't overlick as far as we can tell and other than the odd tumble off a chair, hasn't had any accidentally.

She lives in doors and the only real change in the last year has been moving to a house which is slightly warmer (we don't have the aircon on constantly and it's the qld heat). There are animals next door, but there hasn't been any direct contact.

They are about an inch in length and not completely bare. Mostly looks like thinking. No inflammation or signs of sore marks.

Anyone have an idea what it might be?

Melissa Smith
2 weeks ago
Melissa Smith 2 weeks ago

The two things that come to my mind would be either fleas or stress - I've had both impact my cat and make him lose some of his hair. Have you called her vet, or is she due for her annual checkup? Might not be a bad idea to mention it.

As an aside, I've had a couple dogs as clients (pet sitter) who have had a severe allergy season this year, which includes them losing or chewing off a lot of their hair. I'm not sure if allergies impact cats the same way, but that may be a possibility?

2 weeks ago
GeriD 2 weeks ago


I agree with Melissa. The picture definitely looks to me like excessive licking. That is commonly caused by fleas and/or stress. Sometimes by allergies absolutely (which can include fleas. Cats can be allergic to fleas). Fleas, however you should be able to rule in or out immediately. Check the back of the neck, top of head area with a flea comb, or even your fingers. Excessive licking due solely to stress can become chronic. The cat is four though, if it were prone to that behavior I would have thought it would have shown up earlier (2 or so). What do the insides of the legs look like? Are they bare? Or thinning?

For stress management you do need to discourage the behavior, and love the kitty a lot during the period of stress. Lot of attention, brushing, etc. All things that make it feel comfortable. For allergies, are there any tiny (very tiny, small as a grain of sand) hard bumps in the skin (back/back of neck, upper shoulders)? That is indicative a dermatitis that can be treated with antibiotics.

Good luck.

Melissa Smith
1 week ago
Melissa Smith 1 week ago

*cheering madly for Geri* You always give such great answers!

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