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Any advice of cat toy for family with kids? (4 replies)

4 months ago
Tree666 4 months ago

It has been about twenty years since I had a cat in elementary school, cat is lovely but my husband thinks it takes too much time to take care. Now my husband finally breaks this rule and agree to keep a cat because of our daughter Moocy, she is three-year-old and loves animal a lot. Last month we went to Moocy’s grandma’s house in countryside, and we adopted a very cute and beautiful kitty, she has white and black fur, our family love her so much. But considering the kitten just left her month and wild, also my daughter is still young, in case of any possible hurt or infection, I don’t want Moocy play with the cat too intimately, so I bought her the first cat toy, it’s a feather fishing rod, it’s really a good interactive toy, Moocy doesn’t need to touch the cat and they both have fun.

I understand people in this forum love cats. My question is, do you have any tips about cat toys? I prefer cheap toys and safe to my daughter. I would love to hear your advice, thanks.

Melissa Smith
4 months ago
Melissa Smith 4 months ago
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That is a great toy! My cat likes to chase the light from a flashlight as well, and he has one stuffed plush toy that he goes crazy for. The only thing I would avoid with small children would be toys that have small parts - they would be a choking hazard.

Karen Doll
4 months ago
Karen Doll 4 months ago
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I second that idea Melissa...our cats LOVE chasing lights!! And, for some odd (yet probably really logical in their little furry feline brains) my cats love squeaky dog toys. We have a pink pig that has a few battle scars and tears from when Pip was still alive, and the cats LOVE pouncing on it, rolling around with it, and rubbing on it. Maybe it still smells like their long time friend. They even love fetching it...in a way--I throw it and they run after it, but don't bring it back to me. Ha Ha! 

Yes, just be wary of tiny parts that could come off of toys and be a potential choking hazard. 

Also, you can make your own cat toys out of ordinary household objects...mine love to hide in paper bags strewn on the floor, cardboard box tunnels, ping pong balls, tennis balls, etc. Your kitty might even tell you what she fancies by playing with something she finds interesting. 

Have fun discovering FUN toys!

4 months ago
Tree666 4 months ago

Thanks very much for your reply, Karen, i am smiling when reading your words and image your cat is fetching the pink pig, haha, so cute!

I will pay attention to the tiny parts, and try flashlight and other household objects, i believe he will love them just as your cats.

2 months ago
John123john 2 months ago

We just bought a plush mouse for our cat. You can still have a flashing ball. Our cat is very fond of playing with them.

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