For “World’s Saddest Dog,” Much Happier Days Are Ahead

From depression to happiness in less than 2 weeks. Congratulations, Lana, on finding a new home.

She was so depressed with shelter life that she wouldn't look at anyone. By: Mighty Mutts
She was so depressed with shelter life that she wouldn’t look at anyone. By: Mighty Mutts

Lana, the so-called “world’s saddest dog” whose kennel photo went viral recently, has been placed into foster care, and happier days are indeed ahead.

After the photo of the Lab mix took off, Rescue Dog Match in Toronto started hearing from prospective adopters. A little love goes a long way.

Lana entered the rescue group’s holding kennel late last month.

She had been the smallest of a large litter born in Mexico. Shelter life was acceptable for a while, until Lana experienced life in a real home when she was 5 months old. But following some aggressive food-guarding (probably stemming from Lana’s younger days of competing with her many siblings for food to survive), her family became concerned for the safety of their children. That’s when Lana ended up with Rescue Dog Match.

On Lana’s first day back at the holding kennel, the once sweet, outgoing pup cowered against the wall, with her head facing the floor. She wouldn’t look at anyone and even refused to go for walks.

Volunteer Dahlia Ayoub said, “She just shut down. It’s almost like her whole world shut down.”

Here’s what she looks like now that she’s in foster care:

What a difference, right?
What a difference, right? By: Mighty Mutts

“It always amazes us to see how well such heartbroken animals can bounce back,” says Rescue Dog Match.

“For now, Lana will continue to stay with her foster mom,” according to the rescue group. “She will begin her strict training regime to correct her guarding issues with Mighty Mutts Training. Lana came from a terrible place as a tiny pup. She had to compete with 13 other pups for food. Although her guarding behaviours were nonexistent when she was adopted, they did recently come back. We know she will do well with her training because she is, after all, such a sweet and smart young girl.”

Sources: New York Post, FOX

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