Woman Breaks Up Dog Fight Using 1 Finger (Guess Where She Put It)

The stunned dog let out a great big yelp and dropped the other dog on the spot.

woman-pointingTalk about quick thinking.

A woman in Melbourne, Australia became a hero (at least in her dog’s eyes) when she resorted to using her middle finger to break up a fight between her Jack Russell terrier and a larger dog.

Ann Bendouli says she was walking 1-year-old Lexy at an off-leash beach, when suddenly a Staffordshire Terrier started attacking.

The big dog snatched Lexy into his mouth, tearing into her skin and flinging her like a limp rag.

Both Bendouli and the Staffordshire’s human, Barbara Williams, tried to separate the 2 dogs, but all their efforts were in vain.

Bendouli was hell-bent on rescuing Lexy. She lifted the Staffordshire’s tail and sank her finger in his anus as deep as it would go. The stunned dog let out a great big yelp and dropped Lexy on the spot.

Lexy was taken to a clinic, where her deep wounds were treated and stitched up. Williams had half of a toe bitten off during the ordeal.

Sources: MTV, YahooLife With Dogs

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