Yes, You’re Seeing a “Cowboy Monkey” Riding a Dog

For nearly 2 decades, this Capuchin monkey named Whiplash has been appearing at ballfields and rodeos across the country.

All photos: Copyright Whiplash on Facebook
Three-time Entertainer of the Year. Photos: Copyright Whiplash on Facebook

A 22-year-old Capuchin monkey has been delighting fans of all ages during appearances at ballfields and rodeos across the country.

Whiplash dresses up in cowboy attire and rides on the back of a dog (sometimes even herding sheep along the way).

The talented white-faced monkey, who has been riding most of his life — an incredible 19 years — has racked up 3 awards as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s Entertainer of the Year.

Whiplash is "an athletic little son-of-a-gun," says his handler.
Whiplash is “an athletic little son-of-a-gun,” says his handler.

Kenny Petet, Whiplash’s handler, recently explained how this monkey manages to ride a dog like a horse, and with such grace. Whiplash sits upright with the help of a bar on his saddle, and he wraps his long tail underneath the dog.

After another 3 years or so, Petet says the hard-working cowboy monkey will retire: “We’re gonna hang out together on a ranch in Texas and just watch the grass grow and the cows eat it.”

Whiplash has been riding dogs since he was 3 years old.
Whiplash has been riding dogs since he was 3 years old.

Source: The Blade

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