She Warned Man Not to Lock His Dog in Hot Car. Her Reward? She Lost Her Job.

A Walmart employee reminded a customer how dangerous it was to leave his dog locked up in the truck. Then… she promptly lost her job.

Carla Cheney got fired for doing something many animal supporters feel was heroic.
Carla Cheney got fired for doing something many animal welfare supporters feel was heroic.

When it’s just 80 degrees outside, studies show that the temperature inside a car can rocket up to 100 degrees within 10 minutes.

Those kinds of temperatures can quickly kill a dog or cause brain damage.

As a result, anyone who locks his pet inside a hot vehicle — even with the windows cracked slightly open — risks getting a heavy brick thrown through the window and the dog pulled out to safety by a good Samaritan.

But try telling that to Walmart.

An Walmart employee was fired after all she did was give a customer a little grief for leaving his dog locked inside a hot truck.

Carla Cheney, of Ontario, Canada says she was chatting with co-workers in the store parking lot before clocking in for the day. The group saw a man walking toward the store, leaving his pet inside the truck with the windows cracked open just an inch.

Remembering the dangers of hot cars and pets, Cheney alerted the police. An officer arrived and went inside to find the man.

When the man left the store, he approached the group of employees outside. It was then that Cheney confronted him, saying, “You shouldn’t leave your dog in the car.”

The man’s response went something like this: It’s none of your business — so butt out.

Later that day, Cheney was called into the manager’s office and was fired.

Walmart officials say Cheney was dismissed for other, unspecified reasons that had “absolutely” nothing to do with her “trying to help a dog in a locked car.”

OK, so why exactly was she fired then?

Source: CBC

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