Meet Wally, the Little Bunny With Big, Fluffy Pigtails for Ears

This adorable English Angora is melting hearts with his photos on Instagram.

By: wally_and_molly/Instagram
Wally’s body was shaved like a poodle’s, but his ears were left untouched. Photos by: wally_and_molly/Instagram

Angora rabbits are known for their long, soft fur and often resemble teddy bears or just big balls of fluff.

Not Wally.

The nearly 1-year-old English Angora rabbit could easily be mistaken for a poodle/bunny hybrid with his cool new summer look. His mom, Molly Prottas, is keeping his fur short for the hot months ahead, sometimes even turning his huge wing-like ears into cute pigtails.

Wally’s ears sometimes resemble gigantic wings.

Showing off his distinctive style on Instagram has gained Wally lots of publicity. He has nearly 80,000 followers and counting — making him one of the most popular pets of the moment on the social network.

“He’s a very unique, special rabbit with a great personality,” says Prottas.

Just chillin’.

Sources: Bored Panda, People Pets, The Dodo, ABC News

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