They Hung Their Christmas Tree Upside Down for Kitten’s Sake

Family starts a new tradition by hanging a Christmas tree topsy-turvy to keep their pet out of trouble.

A family in Wales went above and beyond for their kitten, Storm, this Christmas.

Natasha Smith and Wayne Rudy got Storm in August. She’s the first pet the couple has had. Because this is Storm’s first Christmas, they wanted everything to be perfect and safe.

To keep their kitten from destroying the tree (as some cats are known to do) and possibly hurting herself in the process, they decided to do something completely unorthodox: Hang the tree upside down from the ceiling.


Unwilling to share their strategy of how they managed to pull this feat off, the couple did say they were inspired by their mutual love of superheroes. After all, Storm was named for a superhero.

The upside-down tree is adorned with decorations, and fake wrapped gifts almost touch the ceiling. The real presents are under the tip of the unusual-looking tree.

Source: Wales Online

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