“Unusual-Looking” Puppy Has a New Family Who Sees True Beauty

Beneath 10-week-old Lisa’s physical scars was a normal puppy looking for love.

By: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV
The puppy has spots, scars and eyelid protrusions. But isn’t she gorgeous? By: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV

When a tiny puppy came into the Humane Society of Silicon Vally (HSSV), in Milpitas, California, the staff realized she would need a special home where a family accepted her as she was.

At only 10 weeks old, Lisa was clearly not one of those “Oh, you are so cute!” furballs. Unsightly scars were visible on her face and she would need surgery to correct cherry eye, a condition that caused her eyelids to become infected.

She was “unusual-looking,” according to HSSV staff. Finnegan Dowling, social media manager for the shelter, took that a step further, telling The Dodo that Lisa “could be hard to look at.”

Despite her imperfections, Lisa was otherwise a typical puppy — happy and energetic. She never met a stranger and was always ready to play. “Ridiculously kissy,” says Dowling, “and she’ll lick your nose clean off.”

Christine Doblar and her daughters with their newest family member. By: HSSV
Christine Doblar and her daughters with their newest family member. By: HSSV

When Christine Doblar and her 2 daughters visited the shelter, they were drawn to Lisa right away. Although the puppy wasn’t exactly picture-perfect, her personality jumped out at them.

Even so, they had lingering doubts. They left the shelter empty-handed, not sure Lisa was “the one” who could help them cope with the recent loss of their Chihuahua.

It didn’t take the Doblars long to make up their minds, however. “My girls were freaking out the whole time that somebody else was going to take her,” says Doblar. Later that day, they returned to the shelter, hoping that Lisa was still there.

Since adopting her, they’ve changed her name to something a little more fitting: Lucky. Of course, both parties are the lucky ones — the Doblars and their new puppy.

Lucky relaxes in her now home. By: Christine Doblar
Lucky relaxes in her new home. By: Christine Doblar

Source: The Dodo

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