Meet Tonkey Bear: The Puppy Who’s Pretty Much a Teddy Bear

The fuzzy 4-month-old Shar-Pei is wowing the world with her cuteness.

Tonkey Bear is 100% Shar-Pei, but also somehow 100% teddy bear. By: bearcoattonkey
She is 100% Shar-Pei, but also somehow 100% teddy bear. Photos by: bearcoattonkey

Christine Park’s dog, Tonkey Bear, has become quite a celebrity after Park posted a photo of the 4-month-old “bear-coat” Shar-pei on social media.

Tonkey Bear now has more than 100,000 followers — and counting.

Parks says she and her boyfriend got Tonkey Bear a few month ago as a playmate for their other pooch, a rescue Border Collie mix named Maxi.

Shar-peis are known to be self-motivated and, well, kind of stubborn, but Tonkey Bear is the opposite. She is not only a good listener but also a quick learner. Despite her large build, she loves cuddling and being around kids.

"Bear-coat" Shar-Peis are very rare.
“Bear-coat” Shar-Peis are very rare.

This special dog is a welcome addition to Park’s family, and her popularity couldn’t make them any more proud of their cuddly teddy bear — oops, I meant to say “dog.”

Can even you handle the cuteness contained in this photo?
Can even you handle the cuteness contained within this photo?

Follow Tonkey Bear on Instagram here.

Sources: Mashable, Daily Mail

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