Great Idea! Therapy Dog Trading Cards

Now I’m wondering how I can get my hands on some of these cuties.

Collect 'em all.
We’re fairly certain this clever idea is going to catch on at other hospitals.

Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan, is recognizing its canine “staff” in a special way — through trading cards.

Since the hospital began using therapy dogs 9 months ago, staff members have witnessed a change in the morale of both patients and workers.

Penny Stevens, trauma program manager at Sparrow, came up with the trading card idea.

“We just wanted some sort of keepsake for the patients,” she says. Not only do the cards provide a picture of a loving animal companion to show to family and friends, but they also give the patients something to remember them by.

Baseball cards? No thanks — I'm collecting these.
Baseball cards? No thanks — I’m collecting these.

Thirteen therapy dogs roam the hospital’s hallways, which makes a pretty big set of cards. The back side of each card lists that particular dog’s stats and facts.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, WILX, WWMT

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