Tattooed YouTuber Teaching Thousands How to Save Kittens

Hannah Shaw is a powerful champion for the tiniest kittens in need — and a role model to many.

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For Hannah Shaw of Washington, D.C., a career in pet foster care was her dream.

After graduating from college and beginning to fulfill that dream, she happened upon an abandoned kitten, whom she named Coco, in a park in Philadelphia.

Now, with 10 years’ experience in working with animal rescue organizations under her belt, this Millennial animal lover has struck out on her own.

She is an advocate, speaker and educator who, through her YouTube videos, helps others start their own kitten rescues.

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Shaw, who fosters many kittens in her own home, says her mission is not to open a huge rescue center but to extend her knowledge of and passion for nurturing kittens that shelters aren’t able to help.

Her YouTube channel has more than 150,000 subscribers. She calls herself “Kitten Lady.”

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“I have no doubt this is having an impact,” she says. “I have people coming up to me crying, saying they watched one of my videos or read one of my [educational pamphlets] and decided to start working to save kittens, to get involved. That’s what makes this all worthwhile for me.”

What an amazing young woman. Keep up the good work, Kitten Lady!

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Here’s one of the Kitten Lady’s most popular videos, “5 Ways to Comfort a Kitten”:

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