Schoolchildren Help “Swimmer Puppy” Learn to Walk

The students proved to be excellent therapists as they encouraged this adorable pit bull puppy to stand up and walk.

By: Lucas County Pit Crew
Liam is able to walk “extremely well now.” By: Lucas County Pit Crew

For Liam, life looked bleak.

The young puppy, who had been left at an Ohio shelter in mid-April, was a “swimmer puppy” — he did not have normal use of his leg muscles, causing his legs to spread far apart when he tried to stand or walk.

He managed to move around as best he could by paddling his legs in a swimming motion.

Jean Keating, manager of Lucas County Pit Crew rescue in Sylvania, Ohio, also teaches students at Old Orchard Elementary School. She came up with a plan that would benefit both the children and the puppy. Through helping Liam walk, the students could learn lessons in health, biology and other subjects.

She began taking Liam to school with her each day. The children were thrilled to have a puppy in their class. (I haven’t seen a child yet who can resist puppy eyes looking up at them.)

With love and guidance, Liam’s journey has been successful. He is able to stand and walk short distances. “He’s been great with the kids,” Keating says. “He is getting so much better.”

Liam is up for adoption. His listing says: “He is walking extremely well now, but tires easily.”

Source: The Blade

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